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How do I know if I have a good case?

You probably need expert legal help to determine the merits of your case. Please call for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will give you our honest opinion as to if we think you have a good case and have a chance of recovering money for your injury.

What if I can't afford legal fees?

We take accident and injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you don't pay a fee unless and until we recover money for you.

The insurance company representative says I don't need a lawyer. Is this true?

Insurance companies have experienced representatives who are highly trained and skilled at handling claims. They of course want to deal with claimants who have little understanding of what to do with a claim. To protect yourself, it is always advisable to discuss your claim with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury before dealing with an insurance company.

I don't have health insurance. Who will pay for my medical bills?

In some cases, the insurer for the at-fault party will advance payment for initial accident-related medical bills; however, very often after the payment for a few visits, they will stop, hoping that you will take a lower settlement to make sure that your bills get paid. We can help you get medical care, which you won't have to pay for until your case is concluded.

The person who injured me only has minimum coverage; my medical bills and wage loss are more than his policy limits. He has no other money. Doesn't it make sense for me to settle for the minimum now?

Absolutely not! In the event that the at-fault driver's insurance coverage is far less than the value of your claim, you may be able to recover additional monies from your own insurance company if you have adequate underinsured motorist coverage. But, know that once you settle with the at-fault driver's insurance you may lose your right to pursue this additional coverage. We routinely deal with this type of situation.

What can I do if the person who caused the accident doesn't have insurance?

Unfortunately there are many uninsured drivers. The best way to protect yourself from losses caused by an uninsured driver is to have adequate collision coverage to pay for damage to your vehicle, medical payments coverage to pay for medical bills, and uninsured motorist coverage that will pay for additional medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering in the event that the at-fault driver is uninsured or doesn't have enough insurance to pay for your claim. Uninsured motorist coverage is often difficult to understand and in the event you are injured by an uninsured driver, you should immediately contact our office. We can handle your uninsured motorist claim.

How much is my claim worth?

This answer varies greatly depending on the injury and the circumstances of the case. The value of the claim is determined by:

  • Severity and impact of the injury
  • Likelihood of winning at trial
  • Amount of medical bills and lost earnings
  • Treatment
  • Pain or discomfort experienced
  • If the problem is permanent and results in a disability

Only after these factors are evaluated can an estimate be made of the value of a claim. Sometimes people listen to rumors of settlement amounts that create unrealistic expectations. I will help to determine a reasonable value of your case, taking into consideration all variables. I will give you an honest assessment of the value of your case.